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Independence, For What?

Diwali just passed by but how many of you took the Supreme Court orders seriously? I bet many did not because for one, neither did I.

In Delhi, where I celebrated Diwali, I heard that orders were passed of bursting crackers only between a certain time limit of 6:30 pm to 9.30 pm. My family stepped out of the house and arranged a wide stock of crackers in a sequential manner but post bursting the 6th cracker, we had a huge lump of guilt in our throats. We packed the remaining crackers back, stashing them into the store room and settled in the living room with a pack of cards.

Though, cracker-bursting went on till 1 in the night after which I lost track as I fell asleep. Did the orders make any difference? Yes, they did, at least for my family and for some more like us. But I do not really understand why their have to be orders and actions to make us realize that we are following the wrong custom? Are we so foolish and uneducated that we can't even realize what is wrong and what is…

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